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HI! I'm Courtney Amburg & I'm so excited you're here!
You've seen those blogs, posts, and articles claiming to teach you how to melt 10 pounds of fat in 7 days... I really hope you're not here for that.

Because you're going to be disappointed, or maybe pleasantly surprised.

To be honest I was trapped in that cycle of "quick fixes" and feeling like shit about myself, for a very long time. I would hit the gym with the sole purpose of changing the way my body looked, eat less and less, all in the efforts of being thinner. Trying to hate myself and my body into change.

But, it always ended up with a little short-term success and even longer-term rebound. Between sneaking food, "falling off" for weeks at a time and just pure hating working out. 

Then I began to change the way I approached fitness, my body, and nutrition. 

It slowly stopped being about the number on the scale below my feet and started transforming into "I want to get my first chin-up", or "I wonder if I can lift those heavy things up?"

And as that switch turned on, my confidence began to climb and my excitement for life began coming back. (Afterall I wasn't constantly worried about calories, food, and working out)

I was so excited that I couldn't keep this to myself... so I started on the adventure of changing the world... one unhealthy, unhappy, not-so-confident woman at a time. 

Because I believe if every woman feels strong, capable, happy, healthy, and confident in herself than that allows her to show up. Not just show up,  but as the best version of her, making better decisions, changing her world, and so the ripple effect continues. 

I’m Coach Courtney. I have spent almost a decade as a fitness, nutrition, and mindset coach. I'm passionate about providing high-quality, simple information that doesn't bore you or make you more confused - I'll seek out the best information and provide it to you here.

I also coach clients in the comfort of their home as well as around the world through my online coaching programs and systems. I am a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach with NSCA, a Level 1 Training For Warriors Coach, a USA Weightlifting Coach, and a Precision Nutrition Certified Nutrition Coach. 

I like to experiment and above all else HAVE FUN with exercise and training. I want to be able to use all the toys in the gym and to teach my clients to, as well.

If you have any questions or need help social media is fantastic for that, you can ask your questions or just say hi on Facebook or Instagram.

Does your busy schedule hold you back from getting to the gym and losing weight in a healthy way? Do you struggle with exercising even though you know you should? Not anymore...

About Courtney Amburg

 I help people bring out their inner badass. To feel great mentally and physically, to show up in the world exactly as they were meant to. To be confident. To be compassionate to themselves and others. To not apologize for being them. To be the person so filled with joy and self acceptance that they are the first to dance on an empty dance floor. And because they had the courage to have fun – so starts in everyone else. A dance party ensues.
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