Coaching With Courtney
Let me help you lose fat.... FOREVER!
 I want to help you lose weight and finally achieve the body you've always wanted.
 To stop the frustration, the shame, and the guilt.
To feel confident, full of energy, and excited again.
To experience the body you deserve.
Whether you want to...

End years of yo-yo dieting, starving, binging, or trying to hate yourself for a body change.
 Learn how to maintain a lean and healthy body forever.
Be more confident in your own skin.
End your obsession with the scale.
Move and play with your kids, without pain. 
Shop in any clothing store and find your size.
Live a long and enjoyable life without taking medication or worrying about diet and weight-related disease

I can help you get there.
What makes working with me different?
The typical approach to weight loss doesn't work for everyone. I know from personal experience and years of coaching others that there is more to it than just eating less and exercising more. And even that, that can backfire. 

I want to set you up with a realistic, simple eating strategies and training that help you form healthy habits. These healthy habits help you lose weight and keep it off forever because they become the easy, stress-free, new normal that doesn't take away from your life like typical diets do. 
Personal Nutrition Coaching
  • Personalized Nutrition Plan: Tailored to your needs, lifestyle, and goals. Learn how to use nutrition to not only hit your goals and heal your body, but keep your lasting results while never feeling deprived or restricted. 
  •  Accountability & Support: 24/7 support and access.Not sure how to make the best decision and eat out? Struggling with motivation? Now you have it whenever you need it most!
  •   Coaching: Learn how to pick the right foods for your body and learn the ins and outs of nutrition.  
8 Week Nutrition Course
  • Flagship Nutrtional Habit program. Learn and implement the most important habits anyone who has lost weight and kept it off knows. 
  •  Nutirtion Course & Membership Site: Week by week lessons and module to help change your nutirtional habits for lasting results.
  •  Email Support: whenever you need it!
Training Programs
  •  Personalized Training Program! Specific to your body  and your goals.  
  • Lots of equpiment or no equpiment!  It doesn't matter, whatever you have available I will write you the most effective program.
  •  Coaching: Not sure on form, questions about how the program works or need a replacement exercise- email support whenever you need it.
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